Volunteers play a vital role at the Anna Ranch Heritage Center. Opportunities abound for historic home docents, interpretive guides, educational and cultural lecturers, groundskeepers, photographers, general office and retail, graphic designers, skilled and un-skilled interior –exterior maintenance.

Much of our work is made possible through generous gifts of time and knowledge from volunteers like yourself. We’re interested in whatever experience and knowledge you’d like to share with us.

Wanda, a retired senior volunteer who loves gardening, drove by one day and noticed our lovely gardens. She turned in, walked our grounds and signed up to maintain our expansive gardens. “I love it! I’m in the agapanthus beds one day, the poinsettias another, the birds of paradise another…I’m as happy as can be.”


Barbara Sterne

Barbara Sterne has been a docent here at Anna Ranch Heritage Center since 2010. She loves sharing the fascinating history of the Lindsey family with our visitors and enjoys meeting people from places around the world. Although she spent 20 years as a Public Health Nutritionist in Pennsylvania, her Master’s Degree is in Clothing and Textiles. Therefore, Anna’s elegant wardrobe piqued her interest and she put together a display of Anna’s extensive collection of hats, which we exhibit periodically during Springtime.